Hate mail


Someone close to me got ‘hate-mail’ last week. It reminded me of a piece of  paper I found when I was cleaning the attic a few weeks back that I saved from a long time ago. I like saving stuff that reminds me of to me important moments in my life. This specific piece of paper was a blog  that someone wrote about me and back then really upset me.

‘Candy Jacobs was the funniest thing. I mean it’s not a secret to anyone that she just rides contests. Summarized her mindset in skateboarding sucks. It’s not what your mindset is supposed to be like in skateboarding lifestyle. […] The weirdest thing is that she always travels with her mommy or daddy. […] It made a lot of people sick that Candy eventually won the contest.’

This blog went on for a bit. I couldn’t understand why someone would write something so mean about me doing the thing I love the most. Skateboarding is getting bigger and bigger so there are going to be more people who are going to have an opinion about it.

The stuff they wrote about me are the things that makes me most proud today. I have opportunities to skate contests all over the world, meet amazing people, my mom and dad still join me on some of my trips and above all I’m still doing the thing I love the most!


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