X-games as an alternate

When I came back from my latest trip to the states I had a message in my inbox, the message said: would you at all be interested in being the first alternate for this event? This would allow you to come and skate, hang out, and be there with us. And obviously if an invited skater got injured or couldn’t skate, you would be substituted in the contest. My response was: Yes yes yes! For me this invitation was a crown on the hard work I had put in the last year.


Last week it was finally time to head out to Oslo to be a part of the X-games. We arrived in the evening so I had to wait till morning. That morning we headed to the skatepark. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Oslo but it’s beautiful, maybe even a little bit magical. When we arrived at the venue I got my first look at the skatepark. It looked amazing, perfect sizes, nice transitions and lots of concrete! This course would suit my skateboarding.

oslo 2016 010 oslo 2016 013 oslo 2016 014


They allowed us to practice the whole day so that’s exactly what I did, skate, skate and skate some more. I figured out a little run just in case I had to fulfill my role as an alternate. I couldn´t recall an X –games alternate ever getting in to the contest so my hopes weren’t too high on skating the contest but I was just hyped on being there and meeting everyone.     –> Run X-games <–

Being an alternate brings out the best and the worst in you. On one hand it made me feel empowered to show that I had the ‘right’ to be in there and show me and everyone else I was ‘good enough’. On the other hand it made me hope someone would drop out for what reason so ever. When contest day arrived I saw Lacey Baker walking up in a blanket, she looked terrible, somethings was wrong with her tonsils and she was feeling really sick. I got a little bit nervous, maybe this would be my time, and I would be ready to shine.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to show what I had in me. I was stoked for all the other girls who got to skate and felt proud watching the X-games and little big champion Pamela Rosa taking the gold!

I know my time will come!

candy oslo1

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