Just people like me and you

In 2014 I got an opportunity that changed my life once again. I got invited to go to the youth Olympic games in China do demonstrate skateboarding with a few other skateboarders. My manager and co-workers luckily helped me out and I got two weeks off to go to China.
FB teaching  IMG_0887  nanjin2 foto's candy 007


Once I arrived in China and I was waiting for my buss I saw Sean Malto and Chris Cole, I was too shy to go sit with them because in my book they are legends. Little did I know there would be way more legends in China while I was there. I had the amazing opportunity to skate with some Chinese skateboarders who were amazing, teach kids, give demonstrations twice a day and had the opportunity to meet, hang and become friends with some of these legends; Gary Ream, Don Bostick, Ryan Clemens, Josh Friedberg, Vern Laird, Lee-Jay, Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Leticia Bufoni, Lizzie Armanto, Kelvin Hoefler, Marcello Bastos, Alishia Bergado, Neal Hendrix, Paul Luc Ronchetti, Renton Millar, Tomas Vintr and Karen Jonz.

Candy Nanjin China 2014 079

It was awesome being there with this crew. I remember one day we all went to the Chinese black market. I don’t remember how but Chris, Sean and me ended up walking through a closet while buying bags and ended up being locked in a back room. Me and Sean felt super uncomfortable, Chris saved the day by buying at least 5 bags for his girlfriend. The day after that our bus hit a height pole and our airconditioning crashed and flew off, so many crazy memories

Candy Nanjin China 2014 047  FB awesomeness  Candy Nanjin China 2014 068 Candy Tomas Bach

This trip gave me a taste of where skateboarding can take you, even further then the borders I already crossed. Talking to all these legends, seeing how they lived their lives and skating amazing spots made me realize that’s the life I got a taste of and I wanted more. Doing what makes you happy every day, meet new people, discover new places, how amazing is that? The best thing I realized was that all these legends are just people, amazing people, but just people like me and you.

candy china 7 003







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