Women’s Battle At The Berrics


This year has been an awesome year for womxn skateboarding. There have been pioneers within the scene that have opened doors to better opportunities, some skateboarding companies have become more inclusive and the value that womxn skateboarders hold is way more visible.

Amongst all those things The Berrics thought it was time to have the first ever Womens’s Battle at the Berrics (WBATB). For those who don’t know the Battle at the Berrics is the most prestigious game of skate within skateboarding.

  • Game of Skate is a game that we play to learn new tricks, have a little competition within skateboardin and to show our skillsset. You play a round of roshambo (rock, paper, scissors), the winner gets to set a trick, let’s say a kickflip, the other person has to repeat the trick and if you miss you get a letter until you have the 5 letters making S-K-A-T-E first one to get to skate loses.

The Berrics started an event called the Battle at the Berrics about 12 years ago they have it once a year with the best professional male skateboarders in the world. This year 2019, was the first year they had a BATB for womxn.

Long story short, I got invited to be a part of it and it has been one of the raddest experiences this year. First of all it was in LA which always makes my life a little bit better, the sunshine, awesome spots and a bunch of my friends live there. I wasn’t aware of how nervous I would get at first. Once it started I realised I was now part of something I have been binge watching for the last decade.

I made it until finals night, unfortunately I got injured at a contest right before finals night and couldn’t finish what I started. Let’s say it gives me some extra time to practice for upcoming WBATB II !



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