Saying I’m grateful wouldn’t be enough

As you know about now I decided to 100 percent commit to skateboarding and invest all my time, money and everything else I have in to it. Best I idea I ever had!

I have a lot of opportunities in my life as a skateboarder,  I’m invited to a whole list of contests and skate related events all over the world but don’t have the funds to get there. I skate about 5 days a week and work out with a personal trainer 3 times a week, every once in a while I have physical therapy appointments and next to this I have a flexible job in youth care. On the level I’m skating at right now and the amount of time I put in I can’t have a full-time job alongside skateboarding. So I was talking to one of my friends who works at Cariphy and she told me it was a good idea to think about crowdfunding.

For me this was a crazy step because I’ve always just depended on me and worked for my own money since I was 12 years old. But with commitments come sacrifices, so I started researching.

A crowdfunding campaign is not something you just start but really have to invest time in. So we had this idea but how are we going to go about it. I had to give something back to the people who invest in me. So we decided to make packages, linked to skateboarding so then we have 5 packages: ollies, kickflippers, 360 flippers, lazer flippers and mctwisters. Depending on how much money the put in my fund I give them something back.

So I asked my sponsors to chip in with articles to give away, shoes, blackriver boards, fingerboards, percentages anything would help to give away at a raffle for the moment I have a plane ticket saved up.  Sound like a plan right?

This week my crowdfunding campaign went online and I couldn’t be more proud. First of all I’m super proud of the video that the guys from KLEUR ( put out, stoked to see that they made an amazing video that embodies the work I put in. Also I’m really moved by all the kind words and donations that are being made by my friends and family. So much support from unexpected corners… ❤ Saying I’m grateful wouldn’t be enough.. Skate is love 🙂

For more info please click –> Gofundme

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