Skateboarding in the Olympics


Skateboarding is going through a lot of changes right now, especially in women skateboarding there’s a lot going on. First of all there’s the item of skateboarding maybe becoming an Olympic sport in 2020. I know it will eventually be an Olympic sport, the only questions are when and by who.

There’s a lot of people and organizations who are interested in skateboarding in the Olympics. People who want to earn money, people who would like to make a name and then there’s people who are trying to maintain the culture, help skateboarding grow and keep it genuine. I like to see myself as a part of this last group of people.

There are a lot of skateboarders who are against skateboarding in the Olympics. They’re afraid of what’s going to happen to the thing they love the most, the culture that surrounds it, the individuality and the freedom of skateboarding.

I’m not of afraid of skateboarding being in the Olympics. It’s going to happen, if I watch streetleague it’s already happening and we are all there to witness it. I’m trying to make sure skateboarding maintains all the things I love about it and do anything in my effort to contribute to that.

In women skateboarding the Olympics is going to change a lot and open up a lot of doors. Which remained closed so far.

As a skateboarder I’m excited skateboarding will eventually be a part of the Olympics. I’m proud there will be a platform which ensures that skateboarders all over the world get the same chances and there will be invested in the thing I love the most.


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