10 reasons why skateboarding enriches your life

  1. Fam/Squad/Homies

    Skateboarding is something you share with the people you meet, with your homies from your city, the fam and you find a place you can call home.squad
  1. The streets are your playground

    You will never look at architecture, the streets, your school in de same way. Possibilities and spots appear everywhere as soon as you step on your skateboard.

  1. There’s no difference in skateboarding

    In skateboarding age/color/height/weight/gender doesn’t matter.skeleten
  1. Progress is always happening

    It can always get better, more, cleaner, nicer, higher, lamer then before so progress is always happening. Jaws is our living proof..jaws
  1. It’s the only positive addiction I know
  2. Instant friends

    If you are on the other side of the world, in your neighborhood city or in a pub. If you happen to run into someone who’s a skateboarder as well,  instant friends it is!images
  3. Own style

    No one has the same style in skateboarding. It’s something you can’t copy, everyone can learn tricks but your style is yours no matter what.

  4. You are not made of porcelain

    Skateboarding is about failure and taking slams, a lot of slams. You learn you are not made of porcelain. There’s always room for one more try.098e088bc4f659dce83ce012b2a6633e
  5. The world is your playground

    In skateboarding you meet people all over the world, trough edits, trough travel, trough contest, the world is your playground.bf0603cb9cdb1c31ee4d4a12dc805bb3
  6. It’s just for you

    You skate for you. Skateboarding sometimes might seem pointless, you are the only one setting goals and if you want to try an impossible trick a thousand times in a row that’s up to you.

My homie Thomas Hanssen had a few other ones I couldn’t leave out, so for your pleasure 7 more reasons why skateboarding enriches your life!

11. Stickers!!

12. You learn how to fall (helped him when he got hit by a car once)

13. Quicker reflexes ( Someone drops something and by surprise you can do the “spiderman”)

14. You always have a fully functional yet legal weapon for defense with you

15. You know at least one more way to open bottles compared to non-skateboarders.

16. You can make “the impossible” possible

17. Your parents always wanted you to play with wooden toys 😉

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