The system didn’t work for me

As I mentioned before school wasn’t my favorite thing. Being in school has always been hard for me, not because I don’t have the brains for it but because I felt like the education system didn’t work for me. I was strong minded and hyper as a kid, I still am, and being in a classroom with 30 other kids didn’t improve my concentration nor my will to learn.

The first two years of high school went by with a few bumps but nothing too shocking. The more I skated and found out there was a world in which my body and mind felt free, the less I wanted to be in class.

Teachers couldn’t explain to me why I had to learn certain stuff, why I couldn’t sit facing the other way, why it was bad that my legs kept moving the whole time, why the system worked like it did and why I shouldn’t ask all these question. Along the way I got more and more frustrated about being misunderstood. Therefore I started misbehaving so they would kick me out of class so I didn’t have to be frustrated anymore. I didn’t mind being at school, I did mind being in class. I remember one year I was late to class 57 times, got kicked out of class 43 times and got expelled 3 times. The last year I only had 4 or 5 classes I attended because in all the other classes I wasn’t welcome anymore or got kicked out the second I walked in. I couldn’t care less.

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After five years of struggle I did manage to get my diploma. Looking back I think there was only one thing that kept me in school and kept me sane and that was skateboarding. When I skate there’s a quiet place in my brain which normally isn’t there, I enjoy that place.



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