I don’t even know her name

When I travel I meet a lot of people, at the skatepark, at the bus-stop, at the airport, everywhere. Some of the briefest encounters are the encounters that make me look at the world in a different way, make me change my opinion about someone or something or just brighten up my day.



On the airplane to Hawaii I met a special person. The person I met was a 73 year old woman who was going to visit her daughter with her husband and the most down to earth person I ever met. She started a conversation telling me I looked like I was living a fun live and I was looking good. We had a conversation that lasted hours, we told each other our deepest  fears, our happiest memories, our passion and talked about the people who are most important to us. She told me how she has favorite children and feels bad about it, how staying with her husband isn’t being ‘in love’ but a choice from which a different love grows and she gave me some fresh baked muffins.

I don’t even know her name.


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