Hall of meat

For my skateboarding I travel a lot, I’ve seen amazing places in the world and have met amazing people along the way. I have some stories I will definitely tell but there’s one that’s pretty recent and a pain in the ass. I started filming for my first official streetpart for the Quit Your Day Job Video.

We went to a spot called, J-kwon. Me and my homie, Savannah, got super excited to skate this spot. We were hyping each other to get our trick. I was going for a backside 5-0 and Savannah was going for a backside 50-50 flip out. I took a few good slams but kept going for it. I had one I got really close to landing it, Savannah and I both got super excited and I thought I had it. Then this happend…

candy bloody face photo


I took a slam face first on the concrete but that wasn’t the worst part. I had to go to the hospital in the States, not the best experience ever. Monique’s car died in front of the ER. I had to wait for 4 hours. It was only after Monique went to the desk to ask them if they were discriminating against me because I was from the Netherlands they helped me.

Walking out of the hospital 3 stitches richer and 500 dollars poorer I felt like a got a little bit ripped off. After that our car died one more time and we had to wait for another 2 hours. I thought that was the end of that night. But I was wrong, when I came home I found out the total bill of that night’s hospital visit was $5827,51…

At least we have some cool footage thanks to Erik Sandoval.


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