What truly makes you happy?

Yesterday was the first day I spent with my dear non skater friends again after I came back from my trip. We had a conversation about the choices we make in life, what our dreams are and if we are doing what we really want. I think that’s something a lot of people think and talk about.

What truly makes you happy?

I’m glad to say I’m following my dreams and doing what makes me genuinely happy. When I spend time at my work I’m excited, when I see my friends it makes me joyful, when I spend time with my family it feels delightful but there’s one thing that makes me feel genuinely happy within the deepest of my soul and that’s being on my skateboard.

It doesn’t mean I’m a happy preppy person as soon as I stand on my board, I can curse at it, feel frustrated while I’m skating but in the end it always makes me feel satisfied, free, hyped.. Happy. 


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